Las Vegas Weekly, I love you, but you’re bringing me down

The REAL Weapon X

The REAL Weapon X

Just stopped by Capriotti’s to grab a tasty veggie turkey hoagie (yeah I wrote hoagie) and a copy of last week’s Las Vegas Weekly, the few-months-late-but-who-cares 10th anniversary issue. I don’t read either of the local weeklies on a regular basis, mainly because I don’t usually remember to pick them up when I’m out and I have too short an attention span to read them online. But as I’ve been a regular contributor to both the Weekly and CityLife for long periods over the last decade, I have a lot of friends/collagues/former and potential employers at both publications and really, guys and gals, I have nothing but love for you. (Except for you and you know who you are.)

So when I opened this latest free celebration of glossy nightclub advertisements broken up by smudgy newsprint journalism, I was pleasantly surprised to see my band, As Yet Unbroken, featured as the top MP3 download last week on page 16. That got things off to a good start.

After reading Scott Dickensheets’ editorial (nice pic, Scott), I perused the “Ten Years That Shook the World!” roundup of the last ten years’ Weekly highlights. Strip clubs, Searchlight, Playboy models, date rape, OK, got it … WAIT:

“The Weekly has the first published interview with The Killers, anywhere…”

Uh, sorry kids, but NO.

That would have been the CityLife, on August 8, 2002, almost two months before your Sept. 26 article. How do I know that so well? I wrote the damn thing.

I know there’s a friendly (sometimes ugly at certain points in history) competition between the CityLife and Weekly, but give credit where its due, kids — or at least do some fact-checking before you make proclamations such as that.*

Otherwise, kudos to surviving in these trying times, Weekly Magazine That Scope Birthed. You don’t look a day over 5, really.

*Update: Weekly Editor Scott Dickensheets contacted me after reading this and noted it was just a fact-checking slip. Look for a correction in the next issue, kids. No hard, feelings, right, Scott? Scott? What are you doing with that axe? Scott … AAAGGGHH!

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