Santa has possessed my keyboard

In the midst of trying (no, really!) to complete a freelance assignment for a client whose unstated deadline is surely approaching, I’m also feverishly customizing holiday cards (yes, way too late to arrive by Christmas but hopefully early enough to arrive before 2009) and … well, apparently being reminded As Yet Unbroken’s website needs updating.

At least this weekend hasn’t been a total wash. On Friday, I snuck away for a few hours to my nearby Starbucks and forced out four pages of layouts/script for this comic book project about which I am telling you nothing. I swear, I got something else done, though I’m not sure what, aside from waiting for the HVAC guy to get our heat working again. Today, one half of the band came over. We recorded bass and guitars for two new songs, and I tricked the guys into helping move furniture (they are easily bribed with liquor), so there’s that.

Frosty, you look so warm. Don't melt!

Frosty, you look so warm. Don't melt!

Friday night, the girlfriend and I went with a few friends to Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest. It’s a completely rad holiday set-up, with dazzling lighting displays donated, and created, by local businesses, a surprisingly sprawling and fun train ride, the requisite Santa photo opp, holiday gift shop and much more. The weather was quite chilly (for Vegas), but it was silly amounts of fun, and it was all for a good cause. And that good cause was me playing target practice with the unfortunate family who didn’t clear the lane on the giant slide upon which I was blazing Earthward like an ICBM. Hey, it was all in good fun, right? Right.

So while I’m possessed by the holiday spirit and whatnot, I figured I’d be nice and bring you some presents early. I’ve rounded up a few of the more eclectic holiday-themed songs I have sitting on my vast hard drive, and I’m presenting them here for your enjoyment and perusal. These links will surely expire within 30 days or self-destruct or something, so get ’em while they’re hot. Or before the RIAA eviscerates their presence.

That’s all for now. I’ll save you the pain of recounting last night’s douchebaggery at McFadden’s inside the Rio. Let it just be said that if there is a hell, and I go there, it’s going to look a lot like McFadden’s on a Saturday night.

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